Q: How fast and how far?
A: You are welcome to go as far and as fast as you want, but we often schedule a 3-4 mile run as the base and then folks can add more as they wish.  The pacing is really whatever you want to make it.  Some runners will pound out sub 7 minute miles, others are perfectly content at 10+ minutes per mile.

Q: Where do you run?
A: We have access to a wonderful cross country course at Haskell Indian University, which is open to the public, and we will do a large amount of training there.  Lawrence High School track is also close in proximity and we will drop by there every once in a while.  We also do a large amount of running on the roads and sidewalks in Lawrence, but will try to get away from the hard pavement when possible to areas like: The Levee, Nature Trails, Clinton Park Trails, the Riverwalk area and any other place we the running surface is a bit softer.

Q: How often do you meet?
A: We meet Monday - Friday at 5:00PM next to the Ambler Student Fitness and Recreation Center on campus.

Q: How much does membership cost?
A: Membership is $20 per year & helps pay for our social events, NIRCA membership dues and competitions.  Those wishing to compete with the club have the option of paying the competitive dues option, which is $30/semester.  This competitive dues option allows members to compete with and for the club, receiving heavily subsidized entry, travel and lodging costs to all club sponsored competitions & events.

Q: Do I have to come to a certain amount of practices, meets or events?
A: We would love for our members to be at as many activities as possible, but understand how busy life can be!  Come to as much, or as little, as you would like to.  There is no requirement for attendance, your membership and ability to travel will be sustained as long as you pay your dues and fill out the necessary paperwork.

Q: What are the workouts like?
A: Check out the training page of our website to get an inside look!

Q: Do I have to do the workouts that are posted?
A: Not at all!  The workouts are created and posted for the benefit of those who wish to have a free, heavily customized training plan that others are following.  You are free to do your own thing at any practice, we just ask that you not interfere with those who ARE doing the posted workout.  

Q: What kind of competitions and races do you go to?
A: Our main fall events are cross country and road racing.  Road events typically are raced in distances of 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon and Marathon.  Cross country is typically an 8k distance (4.97 miles) for men and 6k (3.73 miles) for women.  The race is usually held over undulating terrain (hills of some sort) and is comprised of "natural" terrain (rocks, grass, cross streams, etc).  We compete against many different clubs through our National Association, NIRCA and also against other collegiate varsity teams at certain meets.

In the spring we primarily compete in track & field meets (including indoor!) and road races.

Q: Do Competitions cost extra?
A: If you select the competitive dues option you will be allowed to compete with and for the club at scheduled competitions.  The costs associated with meets - entry, travel, and lodging if applicable, will be greatly subsidize, but individuals will ultimately be responsible for competition costs.  We try to do our best to schedule regionally close and affordable races, fundraise well and get funding from the Sports Club Department but do not expect all costs to be covered.

Q: Can I do other races that aren't "club sponsored"?  Like local 5k's?
A: YES, but only as an unattached individual.  You cannot claim to be the "KU Running Club" if it is not a scheduled club event.  Feel free to race whenever and wherever you want.  Sometimes schedules just don't work out for members to be at the same meets as the "club sponsored" ones.  Let us know which races you are planning to do outside of our scheduled competitions and maybe you can get a carpooling/pacing buddy from the club!

If you have any other questions/concerns please let us know!