About Us

About Us

    We are a running sports club available exclusively for the Jayhawk Nation.  We love to run, and we do take it seriously, but also love to have some SERIOUS fun!  We don't care if you're fast or slow, short or tall, fat or skinny; we would love to see you come out for a run!  We have groups dedicated for different ability levels at every single run so you need not fear about feeling out of place.  Come see what we're all about at one of the weekly runs and who knows, maybe you'll want to just "run with it!"

Feel free to take a look at our Club's Constitution if you want to know more of the nitty and gritty of how we operate.


    Our goal is to become the most well-known and respected sports club on the KU campus.  It's our mission to see that years from now the KU Running Sports Club will continue to grow and provide an outlet for students who want to begin, resume or continue their running career.


    The idea of some sort of KU Running Club started when Garrett Jones transferred to KU in the fall of 2011 after spending two years at Colby Community College running cross-country, indoor and outdoor track. Wanting to continue competitive running he decided to train on his own while competing in collegiate XC meets unattached for that 2011 season.  During this time he met two other runners who were freshman at KU, Joe Weaver and Dillon Schloerb, and they brought up the possibility of starting a running club/continuing running from high school.  As the semester wrapped up, things progressed and they moved forward with the the steps necessary to become a “Student Organization,” which required only 3 members and a faculty advisor.  More and more interest was being shown as news of the club passed simply by word of mouth.
    During winter break Garrett began the process of preparing the Running Club Organization to become an Official Sport Club at KU.  The process was long and tedious, requiring for the current members to elect officers, write a constitution, acquire at least 8 members, hold a campus-wide interest meeting, open a student organization financial account and complete many other tasks.  Those first members were very essential in helping make the KU Running Club's creation a success.
    A few months into the Spring 2012 semester the club completed all the steps necessary and presented their proposal to gain Sports Club recognition before the Sport Club Council. The vote took place and the KU Running Club became an official sport club at The University of Kansas in March of 2012.